Parttime work for warehousing online order fulfillment home

Position Type:
1 - 2
Salary Range:
$100 - $200 Monthly
warehouse keeper
I am running a online store (for retail in general) and now need someone there in the Queens,New York to help dealing with orders from my online customers from mainland USA. (order processing, product returns, pick pack & ship Help)
1. Receiving & sending mails
2. Pick the products home and make sure all are in good conditions before. And update inventory data in Excel.
3. Repacking, label printing, and shipping process for the products ordered by our online customers
4. Statistics and analysis for stocked products, ensuring timely to update the inventory data in a given Excel
5. Upon being informed of details of the orders from customers ( address, quantities, etc.), contact the shipping company nearby and send out the right products on the same day. Shipment should be arranged in time.
6. Returning products process
7. Contact the shipping company nearby for packaging materials
1. The person who lives in Queens,New York, the locals(who lives in Ozone Park,Woodhaven, Foresthills) have the priority.
2. Working Time: Enough free time (at least one hour) in the local daytime every day (except federal holidays, weekends)
3. Help us to rent a small office space as the storehouse near your abode. The office can applying for a telephone, and need include a restroom. (It can be your own house)
5. A printer and a computer home is required
6. Full sense of responsibility is highly required
7. Great knowledge or experience about online store order processing is preferred
Under discussion.
For more details, please email us at : elisaba-@hotmail.com

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